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Industrial Installations

We have carried out the following types of Single Phase and Three Phase work:
  • Design and install a complete Engineering factory.
  • Design and install lighting schemes.
  • Design and install Floodlighting Schemes.
  • Design and install Security Lighting Schemes. 
  • Install Modular Switchgear.
  • Install Machinery Switchgear.
  • Install and maintain Direct On Line Starters.
  • Install and maintain Star Delta Starters.
  • Install and maintain Soft Starters.
  • Install and maintain Speed Controllers (Inverters)
  • Install and maintain Welding equipment.
  • Install and maintain Plating Rectifiers.
  • Install and maintain Dust Extraction Equipment.
  • Install and maintain PLC Process Controllers.
  • Install and maintain Programmable Heating Controllers.
  • Install and maintain Heating Equipment.
  • Install and maintain Ventilation Equipment.
  • Maintain Sewage Treatment Works. 
We have carried out maintenance on Concrete Batching Plants. Presses, Welding Equipment, Linear Welders, Lathes, Wire Eroders, Grinders, Industrial Ovens, Paint Baking Equipment, Wood Working Equipment and Catering Equipment. We are confident we can help you.

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